Arctic Oil Spill Conference 2013 in Oslo

Geologist Anna Marita Braaten from SOTS attended the 2013 Arctic Oil Spill Conference held in Oslo.

This was seen as an opportunity for FING project partners to gain greater insight into concerns surrounding the Arctic region, in particular issues concerning strategies for preparedness, planning, response and containment. The conference was held to offer further understanding about various issues, such as:

  • the regulatory and legislative requirements in Norway, Canada and West Greenland;
  • the most critical factors in Arctic oil spill preparedness;
  • strategies to reduce the impact of drilling operations on the Arctic environments,
  • the various technologies available for oil spill clean-up: in-situ burning, dispersants and mechanical recovery systems.

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Arctic Oil Spill Conference 2013:

Arctic Oil Spill

Published on 02.12.2013.


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